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I’ve developed a variety of programs specifically designed for where your business is and what you’re looking to achieve. 

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Who Am I & Who Do I Help?

Since I was 7, I’ve been an Entrepreneur. Having built my first million dollar business by 16, losing it all by 21 and then building countless 7+ figure businesses since then. 

I know what works. 

Further, I know how to help coaches, consultants, authors, experts, healers, service providers and anyone who sells information, transformation or knowledge  scale and grow their business.

Without burning out, losing themselves, doing it just for the money or living a life out of alignment… I’m here to help you build success in all areas through helping you get your business “right” first.


Ready to Scale & Grow Your Online Business?

Modern Business Academy (MBA) was envisioned from helping tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs in their scaling journey and seeing the patterns of what creates successful online businesses. 

MBA was built for every single Online Entrepreneur no matter how big or small, combining content and access to experts, community, the frameworks for every part of business all in one place. 

Modern Business Academy (MBA)


My VIP Mastermind are for Entrepreneurs who want to work with me on a more personal basis, have a much smaller group container and ensure that they are making the the right choices on a week-by-week basis that will bring them to success in all areas of life.

Generally you're making $15-50K/month and ready to go to that next level, or you've reached a plateau and you need the plan to help you build a business that works on paper & reality. 

VIP Mastermind


The more exclusive program that I offer that is kept for Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale a 7+ figure business and want a mentor and guide who’s done it time and time again. This program offers 1 on 1 calls, direct access to me and an extremely curated community and a yearly in-person Mastermind session.

This program has a variety of Entrepreneurs that are generally making $30-300K/month all who want to scale, build and grow while creating personal wealth and harmony. 

The Accelerator



I love being able to package some of my best content in a format of a workshop. Here are a few of my best workshops where you can sample just how effective my strategies, frameworks and take on growing a business can be for your business.


That’s no issue! Here's a great starting point! 

Just Want To Get Started in our World?

Get my book, The Nuclear Effect for $1




Get my 4 Frameworks for free


For Entrepreneurs who know they are ready to scale and want to have clarity, focus and understanding on their plan along with a level of intimate help and support. 

Plus+ is a guided experience of growth helping you ensure you’re making the right choices and have the right plan so you don’t waste time, money or end up in the wrong place.

Modern Business Academy Plus+ (MBA+)

In my most purchased (over 20,000 times!) workshop, I dive into it with over 15 hours of content, 7 Q&A sessions and a bunch of other bonuses on how to scale an online business.

5 Day Online Marketing & Sales Workshop

Skip The Pitch Workshop

Want to be able to say “goodbye” to salesy and hello to an aligned, enjoyable, fun and profitable sales process for your business? The Skip The Pitch Workshop is for you.


Nuclear Effect Masterclass

Based on my book, The Nuclear Effect Masterclass is a 4-hour in-depth journey into my book that brings depth to all 6 pillars of building a successful 7+ figure business.


The Harmony Masterclass

I go deep into how to build a business using The Harmony Triangle. A framework for ensuring that your business doesn't burn you out and ensuring the business works on paper and for your reality. 


After helping 1000's of Entrepreneurs, we know what you need for what stage of growth you're on. We also know what makes sense for your learning style, resources and growth potential. 

Simply click below, submit the application and we'll get in touch on how to help you and your business. 

Don't know which program is for you?


Low Ticket Mastery

Discover how to use low ticket programs and workshops to build and scale your business.