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We've built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed..  


I'm the founder of Modern Business Academy and I'm so excited at the opportunity to help you build your business.

I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, starting my first successful business at age 7 and hitting my first million dollars at age 16. I've built countless 7/7+ figure businesses of my own and have helped 100's scale past 7 (many multiple 7) businesses.  

After the success I've achieved (so far), while having a life of balance, harmony and abundance, I'm excited to bring together all the things I believe Entrepreneurs need for massive evolution and growth in both their business & life. 


Scott recorded a video to share the core reason he built MBA for you & others...

In this vision, Scott Oldford, our founder talks about the core issues that Entrepreneurs have when scaling a business and how we're helping solve these problems so that more Entrepreneurs can create success. 


We've brought together all the pillars you need to grow a successful business

Let's get started.

Yes, I'm in for life!
Yes, I want in for life!


We have over 500 Entrepreneurs who are part of Modern Business Academy and until we have 1,000 Entrepreneurs as part of Modern Business Academy, we've got a really special offer, that will never happen again.

We know that building the foundations of a business, a community and a movement of Entrepreneurs who believe in helping the world while being in balance, harmony and alignment is important. 

And we're dedicated to building it with you.

Every course and piece of content I've produced over the past 6 years helping you in all pillars of your online business, plus all future content.

Over 40 monthly group Q&A sessions to help you ensure every question is answered, including 2 sessions with Scott. 

Access to Community & Mindset sessions allowing you to ensure your inner game is strong while building a deep connection to other Entrepreneurs. 

Access to the Facebook Group, Telegram Community to connect with other Entrepreneurs, our Team of Experts and Scott.

I N C L U D E S :


Modern Business Academy Standard

Scale with clarity, focus, and support.

[  FIRST  ]


There is a sea of content for Entrepreneurs... The core problem is that Entrepreneurs don't have the right content for where they are at the moment. 

It stems from one of the core problems that Entrepreneurs which is making the right choices, but at the right time. Content is the same. 

Not only do we have content for every single part of scaling an online business, we also help you choose what to consume next, allowing you to ACTUALLY get what you need. 

We have programs, workshops and courses, along with live content & challenges that span from marketing, sales, operations, finance, mindset, team, delivery and everything in-between. Not only do you get access to all of our founder (Scott Oldford's) programs... you also get access to over 100 hours of training from those he's mentored personally. 

Once you're a member of Modern Business Academy, you get access to all of our programs, for as long as you're a member. You never have to pay extra for content... and we release new content monthly

[  SECOND  ]


If you're looking for the ultimate "growth hack" mentorship and coaching is what you're looking for... 

Modern Business Academy includes group coaching and mentorship from both Scott along with over 20 other experts that together allow for 40+ sessions per month to get coached and mentored in scaling, marketing, operations, sales, delivery, mindset and finances. 

These experts are Entrepreneurs themselves that have personally worked with Scott or that MBA is an investor in, ensuring that you always get the best coaching and mentorship for the growth of you & your business. 

We're adding sessions, experts and support for European, Asia and Australia time zones on a monthly basis to ensure Entrepreneurs from all over the world are supported.

[  THIRD  ]


The right information, coaching & mentorship will bring you far in the growth of your business, however, what we've found is even more powerful? 

Strategy & Frameworks that have been proven to work. 

While we're massive believers in having "your own plan" and ensuring that you're in alignment inside of your business, the truth is this... 

Having a framework, no matter if it's for your finances... hiring team... building your funnel... and then paring it with a strategy that works for you. 

It's a complete game changer and condenses the amount of time needed for growth, while increasing the momentum in your life & business. 

In Modern Business Academy we have frameworks, methods and strategies that are mapped based on your type of business, revenue, desired result and pillar of business.

This means you no longer have to "hope" you're moving in the right direction. 

[  FOURTH  ]


Being lonely as an Entrepreneur is unfortunately normal. We believe that this can be completely changed, allowing you to feel connected in your journey. 

Modern Business Academy creates a place of community, allowing for you to connect with other Entrepreneurs like you, while also being able to be inspired and motivated by those a step, or two ahead of you. 

On a weekly basis we host a variety of virtual events centered around connection and being able to meet others in your own local communities, while building friendships and masterminding with other likeminded Entrepreneurs. 

We believe that you don't need to pay $50,000 to be in a community of likeminded, motivated and inspiring Entrepreneurs that feel like family :).

[  FIFTH  ]


Most Entrepreneurs can't hit the next "level" not because a strategy or tactic isn't working, rather, because there is a mindset block or an area of development in oneself that is needed. 

Is the funnel not working because of a strategy, or because your parents mindset about investing money no longer works for you? Is it the sales call the issue, or do you simply not trust yourself enough to make the sale? 

Most external problems are actually internal and in the journey of Entrepreneurship, we get to go on the deepest personal development journey of our lives! 

From mindset coaching, to meditations, breath-work, hypnotherapy and everything in-between, we've built this as one of the core elements of Modern Business Academy... allowing you to evolve as a human, so that you can ensure your businesses evolves, as well. 


The ROI Method Course (My intensive marketing and sale program) with over 40 hours of training specifically for those looking to scale using my method on marketing and sales. Valued: $997

The Nuclear Effect Live Recordings (Over 10 hours of live content) from my Live Event at my Home in Venice Beach in 2019 to help you understand my book The Nuclear Effect in even greater detail. 
Value: $97

My 5-Day Marketing Workshop, Skip the Pitch Workshop, Scale your Coaching Business Workshop & my Nuclear Effect Workshop 
(all valued at $95 each)

My High Ticket Incubator (my program for building a high-ticket program) 
last sold for $2,000

The Relevancy Engine (my program, that was based on helping Entrepreneurs get to 20K/mo and 
sold for $10K in 2017/2018

My Facebook/Instagram Ads Masterclass 
valued at $497 along with 2 other programs dedicated to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Plus access to a dozen other programs and workshops for Entrepreneurs... with new programs and workshops being added monthly.

• Branding...

• Organic Growth...

• Funnel Reviews...

• Accountability Calls...

• Sessions to help with meditation, mindfulness and group hypnotherapy...

All of this, plus everything we add in the future is available for you today for just $1,000. 

Once we hit 1,000 Entrepreneurs, we will no longer allow for this lifetime offer and it will cost $2,000. 

No matter what stage of growth or where you are, if you're an Online Entrepreneur, I built this for you and your Entrepreneurial journey. 


We've built Modern Business Academy (MBA) for...

Online Entrepreneurs who are generally coaches, consultants, course creators, experts, authors, healers, service providers and those who help others transform in the health, wealth, relationships or self categories of life.

You likely need this if...

You feel overwhelmed inside of your business and life and don't have clarity, focus and understand of what to do next (or in the next 12 months)

You feel like you need hollistic help across all areas and pillars of your life and business not just the next "hack" or "tactic" to pay the bills. 

You want to be mentored and coached by some of the best in the industry that have proven mastery and that actually care about not just results, but the ripple effect of those results. 

You want to be part of a Community of Entrepreneurs who see Entrepreneurship as a way of life and that don't believe that business has to be built from the wounded ego, creating burnout and a lack of excitement in your life. 

You want to be able to have a business that is successful, scalable, profitable, that creates results for your clients, along with it creating results (and profit) for you in your life. 

You want your business and every part of your business to feel good, while actually working. You don't believe that marketing has to be bad, nor do you believe that you have to be salesy to get the next client.









You can expect monthly sessions, directly with Scott +

• Guided coaching sessions on funnels...

• Paid ads...

• Operations...

• Finance & Accounting...

With this... you've got access to help in every area of your Entrepreneurial life.

Want a more personalized experience with more intimacy and guidance or need help deciding if this is for you. Take our personalized intake form and we'll reach out to help you understand what makes sense for you and your business. Simply click here...

They story on how Modern Business Academy came to be for Entrepreneurs, like you.